Hebo-Cat 7

On new built vessel Hebo-Cat 7, Consilium has delivered Consilium Selesmar Oil Spill radar
in combination with a Consilium Selesmar ECDIS. The Radar is fitted with a 9 feet X-band
antenna. The connected monitors are 19” and built in the conning part of the wheelhouse.
This will allow the crew to react in an efficient way to response to oil spills.

The vessel Hebo-Cat 7 will operate in the port of Rotterdam and is a purpose build oil
recovery vessel. Hebo Maritime services are responsible for all oil recovery in the port of
Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Also delivered by Consilium is a Salwico Cargo Fire alarm system.

The system consists of a panel on the bridge, detectors, manual call points and sounders.
The system is connected to safety related equipment, such as ventilation and the Vessels
PLC system. Hebo-Cat 7 is also equipped with a GS4 Gas detection system and 7 Gas
detectors as special safety measures to protect crew in hazardous conditions the vessel is
likely to operate.